Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stamps, Punches, Cardstock, and Ribbon, OH MY!

Many times, we are asked how we store our supplies (or how we keep track of everything - which is something that should probably be discussed in a therapy session sometime - HA!), such as cardstock, stamp sets, punches, and ribbon.  Here are some photos from Scot's storage area (you don't get to see the many areas in it that are disorganized!); however both of us actually use the same methods for these four categories.  All of our cardstock is organized by color collection (as indicated by the "map" on the inside of the door).  Scraps are kept in labeled file folders by color collections (each color has it's own scrap file).  We both recently put up our IKEA towel racks to store our "old style" punches - what a HUGE DIFFERENCE it makes to have them displayed and ready to use!  If you have the space for this, we highly recommend it, no more rummaging through drawers to find the right one!  The new punches can be done this way too, if they are left open rather than locked.   They also stand up like books when in the locked position, so it's easy to organize them on a shelf or desk.  We keep our stamp sets standing upright in drawer cubes, both the wood mount and clear mount can be done this way.  Ribbon is rolled and stored in plastic divided containers, which haven't been labeled yet since the color renovation, but soon will be!  Our ink pads are easily accessible in the color caddy (which is pictured in the Idea Book & Catalog).  Keep in mind that you have to find what works best for your personal space, but having your most frequently used tools accessible will encouarge your creativity! 


  1. I bought those bars from IKEA like 2 months ago and I still haven't hung them up. I'm trying to find the right place and enough time to hang them. I can't wait to have the organization they will provide.
    Thanks for sharing a peak into your space!

  2. wish I had room to put my bars up too. Love how the punches are right there instead of having to dig thru a drawer.

    You are much too organized. LOL

  3. HI Scot and Kira! I have those towel racks too. Aren't they great. I sure love your paper storage!! I love my white jetmax cubes too! So nice meeting both of you! Barb

  4. Scot - i am SO jealous! love your storage ideas! i've actually hung my punches on curtain rods (the round ones) mounted on my pegboard wall!


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